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Specialty Handles
 Flowering Pineapple Handle  
5x 20x7/8" $5.00
 Spice Keeper Handle (double base with keys)  
    10x 17x7/8" $8.00    
 Vegetable Bin/Catch-All Handle  
Vegetable Bin.JPG (86700 bytes)        Catch All.JPG (78713 bytes) 12x 23x1" $8.00

Base Foot
  (Veg. Bin)
 Mini Mailer  
  6x13x5/8" $6.00
 Buffet Basket (double base)  
10x14x7/8" $6.75
Bread Basket Handle 15 x 7.5 $6.00
  Leave-A-Note (Mini)

3"x6"x7/8" with 2 hooks

Note Pad Handle  7/8" Wide


6x10" $5.50
 Towel Handles 7/8" Wide  
7x9" $4.50
6x13" $4.75
8x13" $5.00
(with pegs)
(with pegs)
10x14" $7.50
 Key Handles  7/8" Wide  
3x6" $5.00
5x7"  $5.50
6x10" $5.50
8x13"  $6.00
10x14" $7.00
Peg Handle 7/8" Wide  
3x6" $5.00
5x7" $5.50
6x10" $5.50
8x13" $6.00
10x14" $7.00
 Birdhouse Handle   
5x 18x 7/8" $4.50
 Lamp Handle with Electrical  7/8" Wide  
1.  4x 6" $14.00
2.  6x 10"  $15.00
3.  8x 13"  $16.00
 Spoolie Handles  5/8" Wide  
2x3"  $4.25
3x4" $4.00
5x6" $4.00
6x5" $4.00
10x7" $5.00
(Double Spoolie)
(Triple Spoolie)
(Wax Linen) 
 Wide Handles  1-1/4"Wide (nice and wide to paint on)  
6x10"  $4.25
8x13"  $5.00
10x14"  $5.25
My Kaddy  
  My Kaddy Handle $15.00

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