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Swing D-Handles & Notched Swing Handles


Our swing handles are swung with solid copper rivets
All our handles are made after ordered, please allow
for this when ordering.
     Swing D 3"x9"x5/8" 
(Jerry's Mini Tote)


Swing D 4" x 6.5"x5/8"
(Cookies for two)


Swing D 6" x 8"x5/8"  


Swing D 5" x 12.5"x7/8"



Swing D 6"x14"x7/8" 

(Lunch Tote)

Swing D 6.5"x9.5"x7/8"

Swing D 7" x 17.5"x7/8"

Swing D 7" x 23"x7/8" $7.00
Swing D 8" x 12" x7/8"
(Hubby Snack)
Swing D 6" x 10" x7/8"
(Vicky Lynn)
Swing D 8" x 12"x7/8"
 (Vicky Lynn)
Swing D 10" x 13"
(Vicky Lynn)
Swing D 12" x 14"
(Vicky Lynn)
Swing D 8" x15-1/2"
 (Tennessee Tote)
Heavy Duty Swing 7/8"Wide       (For Double Wall Baskets)

10" x 16"x7/8"
(Double Wall Cass)

11" x 16"x7/8"
  (Double Wall Pie)

12" x 20"x7/8"
(Double Wall Picnic)

Notched Swing  (Height can be adjusted to suit your needs)                                      

 (Our Notch's are thinned  to fit in your  basket)


8" spread X 7/8" Wide

10" spread x 7/8" Wide

12" spread x 7/8""Wide



14" Spread x 7/8"


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