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All kits can come with everything to finish weaving please call to get price



10 mini baskets to put on mobile or Christmas Tree or whatever you can think of!

Kit includes 10 handles and pattern No weaving materials



Comfort for two base

Kit includes base and pattern

Express yourself

Kit includes mold, base, leather handles and pattern
no weaving materials
Nantucket style bell

kit includes wood, mold

no weaving materials

choice of woods are oak, cherry, walnut, poplar, zebra

please specify when ordering

$40.00 discontinued
Tag A Long

Kit includes all wood parts, base, lid, leather, wheels, handle, hardware, pattern

No weaving materials

Nantucket Style Waste basket

Kit includes Baltic Birch base attached to Plastic waste can and pre-shaped reed rim. pattern

No weaving materials

$15.00 Sorry no
Nantucket style flower pot

Turned poplar rim and base, flower pot. pattern

no weaving materials



Jewelry Box

Kit comes with a turned lid, rim, pedestal style base, plastic mold, pattern no weaving materials. choice of woods cherry, walnut, oak, purple heart, zebra, wormy maple Please specify when ordering

5" round, 3.5" - 4" tall


Grammy's Toys Grammy's Toys    
Large Trunk Set    

MY Kaddy                             kit includes handle, base,  wheels, supports, pattern                           (no weaving materials)                   $35.00
Wheeled Tote        kit includes base, wheels,pattern                           (no weaving materials) $25.00
Purse                                   This kit has a oak lid and bottom, and is woven on a plastic mold. Kit includes oak top and bottom long leather strap, pattern, mold                           (no weaving materials) $35.00

mold $5.00


Little Purse                  This kit has a Baltic Birch base and 2 14" Leather Handles uses same mold as above                     (no weaving materials)


$5.00 mold

Lunch Pail  
           (complete kit)             
Kit comes with Plastic mold (which you leave in and can be wiped out to keep clean) Painted lid, slotted base, shaker tape handle, and ALL weaving materials, pattern
Shoulder Tote Kit comes with slotted base, leather strap, pattern $16.00  


Kit includes Hand Turned Base & Rim, Glass  vase                                      (no weaving materials)     


Available in

Cherry, Walnut,   Oak



Small Candle Kit

Kit includes Hand Turned Base & Rim, Glass Candle holder                               (no weaving materials)


Available in

Cherry, Walnut,  Oak


Splenda Kit

Includes preformed Reed Rim, base, plastic mold   (no weaving materials)

Finished size 2.5" high, 5" long, 3" wide



Betty's Basket      Includes Grooved base, Lid, Hoop 13" Nantucket Style Handle, mounting hardware (No Weaving Materials)

Desperation          kit comes with slotted     base attached to tall waste can, pattern $12.00  
Nut Basket                   
This kit has a Baltic Birch base and pine center tool holder, pattern                                   (no weaving materials)


nutcrackers out of stock kit without  $12.00

Double Wall Picnic.JPG (51758 bytes) Double Wall Picnic Basket Kit
12" x 18" x 10"
Pie.JPG (52372 bytes) Single Pie Carrier Kit
includes cover and painted ash insert
11" x 11" x 4 1/2"
Double Wall Pie.JPG (53123 bytes) Double Wall Pie Basket Kit
includes shelf
Available in different colors
11" x 11" x 7 1/2"
Mini Market.JPG (39996 bytes) Mini Market Kit
includes cover and painted handle
5" x 8" x 3"

Santa Wall Basket.JPG (82435 bytes)

Mini Santa Wall Basket Kit
5" base 3 1/2" height
Mini Seagrass.JPG (46755 bytes) Mini Sea Grass Kit
5" x 7 1/2" x 2 1/2"